A long time ago now – I took a long walk on my own through a place I didn’t know. I had never felt so desolate and rarely have since. Exam results had gone badly but the causes of my desolation could have been a million things that we can all relate to.

However, in the absolute emptiness and silence of that walk I discovered something vital – an intimate Voice within talking to me, telling me I was OK. I would survive. Somehow I would still have something to say in this life of mine.

Little did I realize then that that was the first time I had ever meditated. A walking meditation. I have meditated ever since. And very gradually I have been able to let go and respond more and more instinctively to the wisdom of that inner Voice.

It is a Voice, I have increasingly discovered, that has a resounding sense of what is true and untrue, and just and unjust in our world. It feels compelled to act. And, as we all know, it has had much to act over in recent years.

But it is also a Voice that never gives up on this wonderful life it offers us. It is enchanted by it. It is wounded by so much of what we get up to. But, above all, it loves it and us. So much so, on a daily basis, it demands we haul ourselves up each morning, stagger (or just sometimes launch ourselves) into our morning shower and give expression to it with all the verve and vitality that reverberates within us.

For me that involves being a spiritual activist in our world as much as being someone who still stands in awe of this wonderful part of Scotland that I live in, the Highlands.

Peter Strother path pic

For me that involves being someone who writes as much as I can to try and give justice to the extraordinary dichotomy of being a spiritually empowered person within a culture that is indoctrinated into a sense of personal striving. I have a book, “Spiritual Beings or Economic Tools: Just who are we ?” being published by O-Books (John Hunt Publishing) at the end of February (2018).

But above all that involves being someone who is part of a global awakening to the higher consciousness that our world simply has to engage with in order to survive and flourish, especially in dealing with such issues as our environment, the great economic inequalities of our time and the conflicts raging across so many countries.

I look forward to engaging with you in the months and years ahead, whether that’s connecting with you on my blog, via Twitter or face to face at one of the workshops I am planning. Or even if you simply want to use the space I have in the Highlands for your own creative retreat.